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Our Browsers

All over the World, Countries filter the internet, allowing only certain content through. This is the same with businesses and colleges, with content being scanned for inappropriate content. If your content is not being filtered, it will almost certainly be being monitored, meaning third parties can view the sites you visit. Our browsers aim to combat all this.


When you request a URL, our script scrambles it by an algorith called Hex-2. This makes the URL appear as garbage to any tracking software. Our server turns the URL back into normal characters and downloads the page. It then sends the page back to you, but through our servers, so filters do not prevent you viewing the content you wish to view.

Branon is dedicated to prodiving a complete service to our users. As such, all pages are browsed to via SSL (using the https://). This means that all content is passed under a secure socket layer and is encrypted to your device, protecting you from prying eyes. This also allows you to visit secure sites.



Company Evolution

Branon was founded in 2007 with the original purpose of making anonymous communication between individuals simple. We set up a system by which users could send anonymous email through our website and have replies sent to a forwarding address, preventing their true identity been discovered. In late 2008, we built all these functions into a mobile application. This was a resounding success, processing a large number of emails daily.

During 2010 however, we realised that anonymous emails were not useful to people. We moved our business base to cover anonymous web browsing. This took off, with over 4,000 downloads of our applications in the first 5 days, crashing the server. Since then, we have built up native applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows, allowing users to bypass filters placed on their internet connection, browsing from our servers in Canada. In 2010 we closed our anonymous email service in order to work on making our network for anonymous web browsing super-reliable and super-quick.

Our ethos has always been to make the product free. Users can download and use our applications at no cost whatsoever. Our revenue is generated from the adverts displayed within each application and browsing session. Users may opt to remove adverts on certain platforms for a small upgrade fee.


Branon Anonymous Web Browsers