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iPhone/iPad Browser

Our iOS app is available from the Apple App Store and offers the full browser experience on a mobile application. As with our other browsers, it's anonymous right from the word go. We offer two options, Free and Pro versions.

  Pro Version Free Version
Native experience on both iPhone and iPad
Bypasses Internet FIlters
Browses Anonymously from USA
No Adverts
Priority on Server, so quicker.
Frame Anonymity (Prevents scripts logging IP's).
Code Optimised for Speed
Removal of Free Logo
Price £1.99 FREE

Both apps are available for download from the Apple App Store in all Countries where the App Store is availabe. Please select a version below to download.

iPhone/iPad Browser Pro iPhone/iPad Browser Free

System Requirements

  • iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.
  • Device must be running iOS 3.2 or more recent.
  • 2MB disk space.
  • An internet connection (fees may apply for data used with your provider).


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