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Anonymous BrowsersWhy?

When you browse the web, whether it be from an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC, everything you look at can be viewed and censored by third parties, whether it is due to national internet restrictions or filters inside schools, offices and homes. However, this all changes now.

The Branon Browser offers freedom when browsing the web. Our native applications browse to your pages from our servers in the US, sending the data over to you, bypassing your local filters and logging software.

What's more, this service is totally free, funded by advertising (however, you may prefer to upgrade to a "Pro" version to remove adverts).

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devin_loomis - USA

Pretty good. Slow sometimes but trust worthy.

Janwj - Netherlands

★★★★★ - Cool - Very easy to use browser with no records you can trace, perfect !

Branon Anonymous Web Browsers